About Me

I am an aspiring front-end web developer currently seeking entry or junior-level work in the West Palm Beach, FL area.

My primary area of expertise and interest is the Python language. Libraries and frameworks I've heavily utilized include Django, Pygame, Numpy, and Pytest. For frontend web work I often employ jQuery and Bootstrap, but am equally comfortable building from scratch. I have a formal education in computer science so my experience and knowledge extends to algorithms, data structures, and various languages/programming paradigms.

I have dabbled in areas as diverse as full-stack web work and desktop games, taking on the design and implmentation stages of each (usually as sole developer). No matter the context, my goals in coding remain similar: I am most satisfied with code that is highly reusable, clean, and consistent, and designs that are simple and usable. For specific examples of my work, please see the portfolio page.

I have equal passion for my life beyond work. My home life is brightened by my wonderful wife, our dog, and our two cats. Beyond my day job, my hobbies include cooking, learning and writing about history, and anything Disneyana.

About this Site

This site was created with Pelican a static site generator written in Python. Some of the blog entries were ported from my (now-unavailable) older site built with Django.

Much of the inspiration for the visuals of this site (as well as the name) comes from vintage art for Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center.