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A few days ago, I posted a writeup and demo of one feature of an old PC game called The Walt Disney World Explorer — the interactive timeline.

Continuing work on re-creating this game in a web browser, I recently made mockups of some of the attraction slideshows that I thought I'd share. Read more...

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One of the memorable features of both editions of The WDW Explorer was the interactive timeline. For each year, from opening in 1971 to 1996 or 1998 depending on the edition, a narration explained some of the key developments at WDW. An overview map of the resort also updated with each year to show each new park or resort as it opened. One could slide the timeline back and forth and quickly watch the resort develop or regress. Read more...

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I'm a big fan of the Paul Rudish-helmed series of Mickey Mouse shorts being produced since 2013.

One of my favorite aspects of these shorts is the frequent nods and careful attention to Disney history, from the straightforward to the relatively obscure. References exist to many aspects of Disneyana - parks, classic films and shorts, music, and even Walt's family life.

This article is a guide to all the Disney history homages of which I am aware in these shorts. Contact me if you know of any I missed! I will try to keep this page updated as new shorts are released. Read more...