A few days ago, I posted a writeup and demo of one feature of an old PC game called The Walt Disney World Explorer — the interactive timeline.

Continuing work on re-creating this game in a web browser, I recently made mockups of some of the attraction slideshows that I thought I'd share.


Each demo will open in a new window, and play audio automatically.

Technical Details

These demos were built with HTML5, CSS3, and vanilla JavaScript. Unlike the timeline, no canvas elements are used so the JS is decidedly simpler.

Also similar to the timeline, I have yet to discover a process to extract some of the game assets (namely, images) from the seemingly proprietary format used on the game disc to define game screens. So, images are taken from modified screenshots of the running game. The audio and video are taken straight from the game assets (though converted to smaller and more modern formats).

A small issue I have not yet sorted out is finding the font (or a nearly-identical font) used in the game. I've used a Google Font as close as I could find, but it's far from a perfect facsimile.

Actual in-game image
The slideshow as seen in the actual running game

I've since used these mockups to develop templates to easily re-create any of the slideshows in the game, but I wanted to share these mockups since they're complete and modular, and I'm not sure to what extent I'll continue work on this project.